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My name is Jarrod L Perez, and I’m an independent comic book artist and writer working in Houston, Texas.

I’ve been making and self-publishing my own comics and books for 23 years now.
I write, draw, illustrate, and layout all of the books available here. I even vet the printers and paper stocks because there are a lot of indie comics out there printed with stinky ink and paper. My books are not those.
I work for a large-scale printing company by day. This has allowed me to gain the knowledge and practice needed to make the high quality screen printed posters and stickers sold here.
I’m a big advocate of DIY stuff. I tinker with computers and electronics. I imbibe
lots of music. And I also enjoy plants and gardening. If you're curious about the (my) comic-making process I have a Substack newsletter you can subscribe to for FREE.

Thanks for stopping by and cruising the shop! And remember, all orders come with free vinyl stickers, so click PRODUCTs and order some comics.