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Screw Comics! #1


Image of Screw Comics! #1

Book #1! Among many of my new books, style-wise this one picks up where Chingazo (my beginning zines) left off: Clever and quirky, often insane stories with a raw take on the art. I added a greyscale to this one. And just like Chingazo there's 3 stories:

One has sky captain General Summer Solstice gunnin' to settle the score with the evil empress Adeena Castleroy.

Next, we have PJ and Gizmo in what starts out as a simple lunchbreak turned into a kidnapping plot - over a vibrating toy cat.

The cover story has our favorite stoner/dealer Juju come up with his stash missing, in it a dope strain that can stop time. When an evil scientist hellbent on time traveling accidentally releases a 63-foot time demon that wreaks havoc on the city, Juju must team up with a mysterious fine chick named Lucille to set things right, armed with only a mirror and a 45 record...but under everyone's nose there's someone much bigger that's responsible.

70 pages. Ages 15+